Sex Ratio Handbook

A collection of new articles on the analysis and interpretation of sex ratios.
Ian Hardy, editor
Cambridge University Press, 2002

This book will provide methodological and conceptual resources for sex ratio researchers (both theoreticians and empiricists) working on a range of taxa. Our hope is that it will help established researchers improve in areas peripheral to their own expertise and, especially, assist young researchers in the development of a wide variety of skills


Jon Seger and William Stubblefield, Models of sex ratio evolution


Ido Pen and Franjo Weissing, Optimal sex allocation: steps towards a mechanistic theory


Ken Wilson and Ian Hardy, Analysis of sex ratios and other proportional data


Koos Boomsma and Gösta Nachman, Analysis of sex ratios in social insects


Sven Krackow, Evert Meelis and Ian Hardy, Analysis of sex ratio variances and sex allocation sequences


Peter Mayhew and Ido Pen, Comparative analysis of sex ratios


Sarah Kraak and Franjo Weissing, Causes and consequences of sex determining mechanisms in vertebrates


James Cook, Invertebrate sex determination mechanisms


Richard Stouthamer, Hans Breeuwer and Greg Hurst, Detection of sex ratio distorters in populations


Paul Ode and Molly Hunter, Sex ratios of parasitoids with unusual life-histories


Kees Nagelkerke, Mous Sabelis and Hans Breeuwer, Sex ratio control in arrhenotokous and pseudo-arrhenotokous mites


William Foster, Aphid sex ratios


Andrew Cockburn, Michael Double and Sarah Legge, Sex ratio in birds and mammals: disentangling the hypotheses


John Lazarus, Human sex ratios


Andrew Read, Stuart West and Todd Smith, Microorganism sex ratios


Peter Klinkhamer and Tom de Jong, Sex allocation in hermaphrodite plants


Tom de Jong and Peter Klinkhamer, Sex ratios in dioecious plants


Jacques van Alphen and Marianne van Dijken, Biocontrol applications of sex ratio research


Charlotta Kvarnemo and Ingrid Ahnestjö, Operational sex ratios and mating competition


Steven Orzack, Using sex ratios: the past and the future


Stuart West and Allen Herre, Using sex ratios: why bother?