Structured-Population Models in Marine, Terrestrial, and Freshwater Systems

Shripad D. Tuljapurkar and Hal Caswell, editors
Chapman & Hall, 1997




Hal Caswell, Roger M. Nisbet, André M. de Roos, and Shripad Tuljapurkar, Structured-Population Models: Many Methods, a Few Basic Concepts


Hal Caswell, Matrix Methods for Population Analysis


Shripad Tuljapurkar, Stochastic Matrix Models


Roger M. Nisbet, Delay-Differential Equations for Structured Populations


André M. de Roos, A Gentle Introduction to Physiologically Structured Population Models


J. M. Cushing, Nonlinear Matrix Equations and Population Dynamics




Carol Horvitz, Douglas W. Schemske, and Hal Caswell, The Relative ``Importance'' of Life-History Stages to Population Growth: Prospective and Retrospective Analyses


Steven Hecht Orzack, Life-History Evolution and Extinction


Robert A. Desharnais, Population Dynamics of Tribolium


Jochen Kumm, Sido D. Mylius, and Daniel Promislow, Evolutionary Dynamics of Structured Populations


Oscar E. Gaggiotti, Carol E. Lee, and Glenda Wardle, The Effect of Overlapping Generations and Population Structure on Gene-Frequency Clines


Louis W. Botsford, Dynamics of Populations with Density-Dependent Recruitment and Age Structure


Eileen E. Hofmann, Models for Marine Ecosystems


Bruce C. Monger, Janet M. Fischer, Brian A. Grantham, Vicki Medland, Bing Cai, and Kevin Higgins, Frequency Response of a Simple Food-Chain Model with Time-Delayed Recruitment: Implications for Abiotic-Biotic Coupling


C. S. Nations and M. S. Boyce, Stochastic Demography for Conservation Biology


Philip Dixon, Nancy Friday, Put Ang, Selina Heppell, and Mrigesh Kshatriya, Sensitivity Analysis of Structured-Population Models for Management and Conservation


Kathleen M. Crowe, Nonlinear Ergodic Theorems and Symmetric versus Asymmetric Competition


Carlos Castillo-Chavez and Shu-Fang Hsu Schmitz, The Evolution of Age-Structured Marriage Functions: It Takes Two to Tango


S. N. Wood, Inverse Problems and Structured-Population Dynamics


John Val, Ferdinando Villa, Konstadia Lika, and Carl Boe, Nonlinear Models of Structured Populations: Dynamic Consequences of Stage Structure and Discrete Sampling


Jeff S. Hatfield and Peter L. Chesson, Multispecies Lottery Competition: A Diffusion Analysis